Served with steamed rice or fried noodles.

Legend:  spicy spicy   vegetarian vegetarian  

19. Jacky's Special Chicken Spicy

Sweet, sour and spicy.

7. Kung Po Chicken Spicy


16. Mixed Veggie Stir Fry Vegetarian

Vegetarian. Ask for spicy!

3. Beef & Broccoli

AAA grade beef.
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20. Chicken & Broccoli

6. Chicken in Black Bean Sauce

2. Almond Chicken Guy Ding

1. Chicken Fried Noodles

8. Kung Po Shrimp Spicy


4. Hunan Chicken Spicy

Sweet and spicy.

5. Curry Chicken

Yellow curry.
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9. Honey Garlic Spare Ribs

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21. Braised Beef Stew

21. Braised Beef Stew